Time To Face Facts

from Proverbs of Hell by John McDaid

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Written for a prompt at the Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) "Songwriters In The Round"


Time To Face Facts

The earth you walk is hollow,
and you're not convinced it's round
Six thousand years of history
Turtles all the way down
It's all in flux
Ex nihilo nihil fit to fiat lux
And now you wander through the Sephiroth
Gormless as the Page of Cups
You believe in Angels
And ancient astronauts
You've walked the plains of Nazca
And searched for Noah's Ark
You've journeyed East
And you know the stars control
Your destiny
Now you await reincarnation
Or perhaps
The Singularity
If you can't take the heat
It's because you're living in a house of wax
Get your head out of The Clouds
It's time to face facts

You've relieved your subluxations and done primal therapy
You've punctured your meridians and had psychic surgery
You're OT III. Released your body thetans and you're Clear
You made a pilgrimage to Virginia Beach and heard the sleeping prophet
Whisper in your ear.
You avoid GMOs, don't use cell phones,
Or risk tumors from WiFi
You eat like a Neanderthal
Cleanse and detoxify
You've done NLP
Armloads of copper bands adjust your chi
You swear by Ayurvedic scraping
And tiny drops of homeopathy
If you're still feeling sick
It's cuz you're looking for needles in all the wrong haystacks
Take off those pinhole glasses
It's time to face facts

Four acres of burning office can melt unprotected steel
Even Stanley Kubrick couldn't make the moon landings look that real
The Holocaust is fact
There was no false flag at the Sandy Hook attack
Apologies to Oliver Stone
But Oswald acted alone
And so did Jack
Chemtrails are condensation
Autism is unrelated to vaccines
There is no perpetual motion
Illuminati don't control your dreams
You may get your news from Fox
Sleep in an Orgone box
To keep the black helicopters away
Use that ten percent of your brain and do the math
Cold fusion would happen every day
If you can't see the truth, it's cuz you're looking at it in parallax
Take off your tin foil hat
It's time to face facts


from Proverbs of Hell, released July 28, 2019


all rights reserved



John McDaid Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Award-winning science fiction writer, freelance journalist, folk/filk singer-songwriter.

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